OmniWhirl Migration Guide

4 min readNov 2, 2021


As you all know by now, PolyWhirl is now OmniWhirl, with which we have declared our intentions to be a stronger and a more diverse multi-chain protocol, focused on getting out an easy to use private transactions mechanism out there to the world.

With this comes a minor inconvenience of migrating our tokens into the stronger, better OmniWhirl token.

The OmniWhirl token will be a 1:1 swap from the PolyWhirl token and will be available for migration forever, until the hardcap of 10M tokens is reached (i.e. all existing PolyWhirl tokens are migrated)

The migration will take place on the Polygon chain, to ensure low gas fee for all existing token holders, and is available for everyone at !

Here are the steps to migrate your on-chain tokens!

Step 1: Ensure you’re on the Polygon Network

Make sure before you start the migration procedure, your wallet is connected to the Polygon network on Metamask (or the wallet of your choice)
If by any chance you are not connected to the Polygon network or have issues adding the network, please follow this guide.

Step 2: Visit the migration site and connect your wallet

Head on over to and click on the connect with Metamask button provided!

Connect your wallet to the migration wizard

Step 3: Approve the contract to swap your PolyWhirl tokens

Approve your tokens for the migration

Once your wallet is connected and the wizard detects there are PolyWhirl tokens in your wallet, it will ask you to approve your token spends in order to migrate your tokens!
Click on the Approve button, submit the transaction and wait for the transaction to pass through!

Step 4: Migrate the tokens

Once your approval transaction is processed, you will be able to click on the Migrate tokens button, and submit the transaction for migrating your tokens to OmniWhirl!

The contract will transfer your PolyWhirl tokens to itself, burn them and issue an equivalent amount of OmniWhirl tokens for you!

Step 5: Add the new token to your metamask!

Once you’re all done, you will be able to see the following message —

All done!

Congratulations, you’re all set now to enter the OmniWhirl World!

Once you’re done, ensure you add the new token contract address to your Metamask in order to be able to see your tokens!

The new token address is: 0x4f6cbaca3151f7746273004fd7295933a9b70e69

You can migrate your tokens as many times as you like! Just head over to and repeat the above steps!
This ensures your vested tokens, your farming rewards and any other tokens are always available to be minted

Pointers to keep a note of

  1. OmniWhirl Token currently does not have on-chain liquidity. The migration of Liquidity from our SushiSwap pool will be carried out on 15:00 UTC November 3rd, 2021. The USDT will be converted to Matic in the pool, and be added into liquidity alongside the new $WHIRL tokens.
  2. will be migrating the tokens soon, and all token holders on XT will automatically receive the new tokens. You need not carry out the aforementioned steps. Dates and timelines will be announced shortly.
  3. Majority of our liquidity, i.e. the liquidity in the QuickSwap pool is locked until 15th of January, 2022 by the PolyStarter IDO contracts. This liquidity will be transferred to the OmniWhirl team upon unlock, and will additionally be split to add liquidity on the various other chains that we will soon deploy on.
  4. We would hence suggest traders to use the PolyWhirl token until the liquidity transfer is complete in order to enjoy lower slippages and price impacts.
  5. Since the migration runs forever, you can easily claim your vested tokens, your Unifarm rewards and so on and migrate them later at a time comfortable to you.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact the time on Discord or Telegram!

About OmniWhirl

OmniWhirl is a multi-chain, decentralised platform for making private transactions. It will help you preserve your privacy, in case your identity and addresses are linked and exposed. You can transfer all your funds to a new address without exposing your link to previous addresses.

OmniWhirl’s goal is to build a completely decentralised private transaction ecosystem that can be relied on, forever. OmniWhirl aims to be the go-to standard for privacy transactions on all popular chains, and is dedicated to build an autonomous, self-sustainable protocol that can be trusted and used forever for on-chain privacy.

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